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Short Functional Text

Some examples:



Keep silent exam is in progress

Keep your house clean 

For pedestrian only

Wet Floor

Text I

1. What does the notice mean ?
            a. The door mustn’t be opened.
b. The door must be opened for staff only.
            c. The door must be closed after it is opened.
            d. The door must be opened.


What does the text mean?
            a. You must tighten your seat belt at the time the plane departs.
            b. You must tighten your set belt before the plane arrives.
            c. You must tighten your seat belt after the plane departs.
            d. You must tighten your seat belt while the plane lands.
The above warning means that the pedestrian should … the grass.
            a. not cut
            b. not water
            c. not keep
            d. not walk on

There are many kinds of greeting card :
            - Birthday card
            -Happy New Year Card
            -Eid ul-Fitr card, etc.
Look at the card below and answer the question!
Dear Andy,


As you celebrate your university graduation, this is YOUR moment. Welcome to the real world!

Your Best Friend,
Ahmad Fanani

1. What is happening to Andy?
            a. He has just been granted a scholarship.
            b. He has just won a prize.
            c. He has just won an award for the best student in his university.
            d. He has just finished his study.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Hasan
May this and many other wedding anniversaries be filled with happiness and contentment.

Best wishes,
Miss. sarah

2. Miss. Sarah sent this card to….
            a. congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Hasan for their success
            b. congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Hasan on their wedding anniversary
            c. congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Hasan on their wedding
            d. congratulate Mr. and Mrs. Hasan for their first-born son

How lucky I am to have a wonderful mom whom I love so much with all my heart I pray that your very special day today brings more pleasure and happiness from this moment on.

3. On what occasion should we send this kind of card?
            a. At a school graduation.
            b. On a birthday.
            c. On a graduation day.
            d. On New Year’s eve.

To: Irfan

Mother and I are going to the supermarket this afternoon. If you are free, you can join us. Meet us at Happymart at 3 p.m


1. What is the text above about?
            a. Sister’s invitation to go to window shopping.
            b. Sister’s invitation to go to the supermarket.
            c. Irfan’s invitation to go window shopping.
            d. Irfan’s agreement to go to the supermarket.

Call me if your plane has landed at the airport. I will pick you up soon after you call me. Have a nice flight.

From: Sisca

2. “… after you call me.”
The underlined refers to….
            a. receiver
            b. sender
            c. reporter
            d. visitor

Dear Tiara,
Remember, we’ve had an appointment to go to a swimming pool after school. I’ll be waiting for you at home. After having lunch and taking a nap, prepare yourself to go.
Don’t forget to bring your swimsuit. We will go there by bicycle.

3. What should they do before going to swimming poll?
            a. Make an appointment and prepare everything.
            b. Have lunch and bring a swimsuit.
            c. Take a nap and ride a bicycle.
            d. Have lunch and take a nap.
4. When will they go to the swimming pool?
            a. In the morning.
            b. In the afternoon.
            c. In the evening.
            d. At night.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
To : All students of MTsN Selorejo

We invite you to attend “The 25th Anniversary”
Day/date : Sat, 7 Jan, 2012
Time       : 8.00 a.m. – 5.00 p.m.
Place       : Bali room
Activity   : - Quiz
                   - Dance
                  - Art Design
Come and have fun !

The Committee            

1. The activities are held for….
            a. School Opening
            b. Reunion
            c. School Exhibition
            d. School Anniversary
2.  How long is the activity held?
            a. 7 hours.
            b. 8 hours.
            c. 9 hours.
            d. 10 hours.
3. How many activities did the school anniversary hold?
            a. One
            b. Two
            c. Three
            d. Four
4. Where is the anniversary held?
            a. Bali Island
            b. Bali dance
            c. Bali room
            d. Bali hotel
Love fills a moment
A moment fills a lifetime
A lifetime begins eternity
Our eternity begins here,
At the wedding of
Amanda and Brian Allan
Please complete our happiness
By celebrating our wedding weekend
May 23, 24 and 25 2012
Beau Lodge
Bow, Alabama
Ceremony at 4 p.m. Sunday the 23rd

5.Which statement is FALSE based on the text above?
            a. The groom is Brian Allan.
            b. The ceremony will be held on May 23rd.
            c. The celebration will be held for two days.
            d. The ceremony will be held on Sunday.

Please join us
In Celebrating the Graduation of

Susi  Sulistyowati
Saturday, June 20 2011
At 4 p.m.
J.l. Bumiayu 10 East Jakarta
Mr. and Mrs. Dendy

Please RSVP by
May 29, 2011

Lina- (021) 9747756
6. Which statement is TRUE based on the text ?
            a. Mr. and Mrs. Dendy held this party for themselves.
            b. Susi Sulistyowati has jus finished her study.
            c. People should call Lina to see Susi.
            d. This party is for Lina.

Attention , please.
Leadership is very important, especially for young generations. Every teenager should be ready to be a leader. That’s why, to grow and increase the leadership, OSIS will hold leadership training on Sunday at one o’clock at the school hall. All students may participate in it. For further information and registration, please contact the committee chairperson, Danny, Class VIII B.

1. What is the announcement about?
            a. Leadership.
            b. Leadership training.
            c. Young generation.
            d. The important of leadership.
2. “Leadership is very important, ….”
      What is the synonym of the word ‘important’?
            a. Significant.
            b. Useless.
            c. Strong.
            d. Useful.

For all junior high school teachers


Friday, 21st May 2010
1328 Scot Hall, 11 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Your poster must be:

Say No to Drug
Live in healthy Living

Mr. Thomas
Ms. Silvia

3. Who is Mr. Thomas?
            a. A junior high school teacher.
            b. The participant of the poster competition.
            c. One of the judges of the competition.
            d. The only judge of the poster competition.
4. What can we conclude from the text?
            a. The announcement is made by Mr. Thomas.
            b. The announcement is targeted for secondary school students.
            c. The competition is only for junior high school teachers.
            d. There are more than two judges for the poster competition.


To all the XI students of MTsN Selorejo.
We would like to inform you that starting an English Conversation Club will be started on 16th July 2012.
Please, contact another!

English Teacher

5. Who will participate in the English Conversation Club?
            a. Teacher.
            b. English Teacher.
            c. All students.
            d. All of the  students of XI.
6. Who gives the announcement above?
            a. English teacher.
            b. Headmaster.
            c. Students.
            d. Organization of English Club.

There are three kinds of advertisement, namely:
            a. Iklan Produk  ( Product Advertisement).
            b. Iklan Jasa ( Service Product ).
            c. Iklan Lowongan Tenaga Kerja.

a. Iklan produk

Acidic rinsing agent for neutralizing alkaline floor polish stripper before applying new emulsion polish. Prevent reaction and powdering of new polish.
Dilution 1 to 20 pH 4
Case Qty. 4 x5 L Unit SL Code C255-05

1. What is the text about?
            a. Body wash.
            b. Floor rinsing agent.
            c. Facial wash agent.
            d. Hair washing product.
2. When can we use this product?
            a. When the floor is dirty.
            b. When we want to add paints on our floor.
            c. When we want to sweep the dirty floor.
            d. When we want to remove old polish from the floor.

b. Iklan Jasa

- Provided with first class facilities.
- Internet for each unit, swimming pool, two tennis courts, fitness center, sauna and karaoke are of charge.
- One of the largest hotels located in the city of Yogyakarta with 128 units of 8 buildings and adjacent to public golf drive range.

1. Below are the facilities provided by Taman Sari Hotel, EXCEPT….
            a. Internet
            b. karaoke
            c. swimming pool
            d. spa

1. 3-bedroom family home. Very good condition. Large yard. Short walk to city center and schools. Price at Rp 175.000.000.
2. Attractive 3-bedroom family home, a European-style dining room, 2 bathrooms, and a backyard. Price at Rp 200.000.000.
3. Luxury 2-bedrooms apartment, 45 minutes from city. Price at Rp 150.000.000.
4. Attractive 1-bedroom apartment in a new building 30 minutes from downtown and 10 minutes from airport. Price at Rp 95.000.000.

3. The purpose of the advertisement above is ….
            a. to sell house facility
            b. to sell apartments and houses
            c. to describe apartments and houses
            d. to sell cars
4. Mr. Jaka is a single    businessperson. He needs an apartment near an airport since he travels
Frequently. The price that he wants is under Rp 100.000.000.
From the text above, which one is suitable for him?
            a. Type 1
            b. Type 2
            c. Type 3
            d. Type 4

c. Iklan Lowongan Tenaga Kerja

Native English Teacher. Required Exp/C TEFL preferred
Mr. Louis 8566787, 8.00 p.m.
Monday to Saturday

1. The advertisement is about….
            a. TEFL Program
            b. Native English speaker
            c. The workday of an English course
            d. The necessity of native English teachers
2. Which qualification must the teacher candidate have ?
            a. Explicit
            b. Expire
            c. Expressive
            d. Experience

We are looking for advertising executive (part time or full time)

If you think that you could fulfill the qualification, do e-mail me your resume
( include of most recent photo, time available to start, time available to meet ) to alex @hot mail com. Only shortlisted candidate will be informed for the interview. If you are serious, please do so.

Requirement :
1. Self-motivated and target-oriented
2. Preferable college or university student
3. Flexible time
4. Must be a good team player
5. Training will be provided
6. Hardworking

Remarks income will be based on total sales achieved.
Log on to w.w.w bidnetalliance.com or e-mail alek@hotmail.com

3. What position is needed ?
            a. Marketing executive
            b. Advertising executive
            c. Marketing manager
            d. Advertising manager
4. The following are the requirements needed, except….
            a. Target-oriented
            b. Hardworking
            c. Good in team work
            d. Preferable senior high school student

Fast relief for:
- Congestion                              100 tablets
- Runny nose                                         USP
- Coughs                                        200 mg
- Headache
- Fever


1. Which of the following sickness cannot be relieved by this medicine ?
            a. Headache
            b. Coughs
            c. Cancer
            d. Fever
2. What’s the writer’s purpose to write the text above ?
            a. To inform the process of making Cold Breaker.
            b. To persuade people to use the product.
            c. To explain the ingredients of the product.
            d. To describe the illnesses that can be cured.

A. Surat Pribadi
23 Jl. Kartini Surabaya
4th March 2011

Dear Dewi,

How clever of you to send me blue jeans. I was planning to wear a blue sweeter and a plaid skirt to the morning bazaar next Sunday, and the beads will match perfectly.

Our bazaar is going to be bigger than ever this year. We are having exhibits of arts and crafts, books, food and flower arrangements. In the bazaar there will be folk dances and games. You should be there.


1. What did Dewi give to Nita ?
            a. Blue Jeans
            b. A plaid skirt
            c. A nice sweeter
            d. A big book

2. Nita wanted Dewi to go to the bazaar because ….
            a. Dewi promised to go to there to run the bazaar
            b. She wanted Dewi to watch the folk dancers and games
            c. She thought Dewi would not be busy then
            d. Their flower arrangements would be exhibited there

3. Which of the statement is NOT TRUE about Nita ?
            a. She lived at Jl. Kartini 23, Surabaya
            b. She wrote her letter on 4th March 2011
            c. She was Dewi’s loving younger sister
            d. She liked the gift that Dewi gave

Dear Jean,

I would like to share my traveling experience. Last holiday, I went to India. If you like walking, Shimla is a great destination. It’s located in Himachal. I went there with my family.

The most spectacular and beautiful landscape can be found there. Himachal is a travelers’ paradise – lofty snow peaks, deep gorges, lush green valleys, fast flowing rivers, enchanting mountain lakes, flower-bedded meadows, and beautiful temples. Himachal is especially famous for snow. It is also a land of gods, goddesses, and saints.

We reached the hotel in the morning. We took some rest for a while and then headed for our destination. We visited many places. I can’t tell you the detail one by one but I attached many photos.

If you want to visit Himachal, please tell me. I will be happy to be your guide. Free. Just send the ticket to me.


4. How are the meadows in Himachal ?
            a. Lofty
            b. Beautiful
            c. Flowering
            d. Enchanting
5. What is the main idea of the second paragraph ?
            a. Himachal is famous for its snow.
            b. Himachal is a travelers’ paradise.
            c. Himachal is a land of gods, goddesses, and saints.
            d. Himachal has spectacular and beautiful landscape.
6. The text generally talks about….
            a. the photos during the traveling
            b. the writer’s traveling experiences
            c. the hotel where the writer stayed
            d. the best destination for traveling

B. Surat Resmi
Jl. Delangu 40 Surakarta
May 15 2011

HRD Manager
PT Wijaya Kusuma
Jl. Lukman Hakim No. 40 Bogor

Dear Sir and Madam,
      I am writing to apply for the job as an English textbook editor, which you advertised recently in the newspaper.
      I am 24 years old. I graduated from English Department of STIBA in Malang. I also took a computer course, especially MS Office Program and joined a writing training held by Forum Lingkar Pena Indonesia.
      Since graduating from college, I have had experience of being a freelance editor in Malang. At the moment I am working as an English textbook editor in Kawi Publisher Malang. I have been working there for two years. I am interested in working as an editor in your company. I enjoy publishing work and now I would like to get more experience.

     I also enclose my recent photograph and my complete curriculum vitae. I would be happy to send any further details you may require.

      Thank you very much for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Kamila Sabrina

1. What kind of letter is it ?
            a. A business letter
            b. A letter of information
            c. An application letter
            d. A letter of complaint

2. According to the letter,we know that Kamila’s personal goal to apply for the job is that:
            a. she enjoys publishing work and she wants to broaden her experience.
            b. she is bored with her former work place.
            c. she want to live in Bogor.
            d. she wants to work at a big publishing company.

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