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 Task 1. Listen to your teacher, then give names of musical instruments below !

Task 2. Listen to the teacher the short text!
-          The word “music” come from the word “muse”.
-          Muse is the name of the goddess of Greek.
-          Music is the oldest art.
-          Hollow log made excellent drum.
-          Old people blew bones to make a whisttling sound.
-          The composer recorded the music in written symbols.

Complete these sentences orally!
  1. The word “music” comes from the word…….
  2. Muse is the name of the …of Greek
  3. Music is the oldest…..
  4. Hollow logs made excellent…
  5. The composer recorded the music in written…..


Asking for comment and Expressing Amazement

Task 1. Study the dialogue, then practice it!

Anik     : “Excuse me, Madam. I’m doing a little research. I’d like to know your        
                Opinion about this pop music recital.What do you think?”
Woman : “It’s marvelous!We can see many young talented musician,”
Anik      : “I see. Well, thank you for the time, Madam.”
Woman : “You’re welcome.”

      Kalimat-kalimat yang dicetak tebal pada dialog di atas adalah ungkapan menanyakan komentar (asking for comment) dan menyaatakan kekaguman (expressing amazement)

Untuk meminta komentar atau informasi, kita dapat menggunakan ungkapan,
 Antara lain:
  1. Excuse me, do you know….?
Exaple: A : “Excuse me, do you know who made this statue?”
             B : “I’m sorry, I don’t know.”
      2.  What do you ay?
           Example : A : What do you say?”
                             B : “ Well, this statue is really masterpiece.”
      3. What do you think about….?
          Example:  A : “what do think about this painting?”
                            B : “I think it is beautiful.”

Task 1. Give the meaning to the following words!

1. art                                      :
2. sciences                          :
3. differ                                :
4. voices                               :
5. made                                :
6. bones                               :
7. reeds                                :
8. song                                  :
9. origin                                :
10. part                 :
Task 2. Read the text carefully!
           Music is the art of making pleasing combinations of sound. The word “Music” comes from “muse” the name for the goddesses of anciiennt Greek mythology who presided over the arts and sciences. Music is one of the oldest of the arts. No civilization in history has been without some from of music.
           How did music begin ? Scholars differ about the origins of music. Early people probably learned to use their voices for singing before they discovered how to make musical instrument. Very likely they sang simple chants to go with their magic rites, (though magic, primitive people thougt they could  bring rain, make the sun shine, or help crops grow). So first melodies were born.
         People soon learned how to make musical instrument out of the things they found around them. They made rattlesnout of must or gourds. They blew into bones or reeds to make a whistling sound. Hollow logs made excellent drums. These intruments heightened the effect people’s singing and market the rhythm of their daces.
        Musical notation, like written langguage, is a means of communication. It enables the composers to record their music in written symbols. Musicians can read these symbols and bring a composer’s idias to life in sounds, thus communicating them to the listener.
        Literally, song is any music that is sung. Usually, however, a song refers to a piece for one voice with or without intrument accompaniment . There are three major types of song : art song folk song  and popular song. Art songs are songs of high artistic merit, written by trained composers. Folk ongs are songs of the people and are usually of unknown origin. A song for two voices is called a duet, for three a trio, for four a quartet, and so on. When more than one voice sings each part, the piece is called a part song or chorus. 

Task 3  Anwer the questions based on the text above!
1.       Where is the word music derived from?
2.       What is the meaning of muse?
3.       Is goddess male?
4.       Was music an modern art?
5.       Can the ancient people make a whishling sound?

Task 1. Coplete the following paragraph using the suitable words in the box!

  The …(1) of “Akademi Fantasi Indonesia 1 (AFI)” are ….(2) young people. Mawar who was born on Februariy, 26th 1985 is a…(3) girl. She has straight, short hair. Her..(4) skin,..(5) cheeks, and lovely …(6) makes her look very..(7). She is not very…(8). How ever, her…(9) Which is 40 kgs matches her body well and …(10) her look cute.

a. make            c  bright           e. smile            g.cute  i.chubby

b. finalist         d. wonderful   f. weight          h. tall   j. marvelous

Task 2. Give short explenation to the word below!

                 1. Singer              :
2.  Drummer       :
3.  Musician        :
4.  Fluitist             :
5.  Guitarist         :

                                                                       Langguage Focus

Using Adjective Ended by –ed and –ing

Task 1. Study the following sentences below!

1.       The puzzel is Confusing, so I am confused.
2.       The activity was boring. So I was bored.
3.       We are disappointed with our test because the result is disappointing.

4.       He is interested in art work because it is interesting.

5.       The new is surprising, so we are surprised.

Study the explanation below!

 1.  we use present participle (adjective ended by –ing) to describe the thing or person that cause the emotion.
Example:    A   “What was the lesson like?”
                          B: “IT’s exciting.”
2         We use past participle (adj. and in –ed) to describe the emotion of a person.
Example:    A: How do you feel?”
                    B: “I’m confusing.”

Here are some common –ed and –ing adjectives:

    Annoyed   - annoying                     disappointed – disappoiting
    Bored – boring                                frightened – frightening
    Confusd – confusing                      interested - interesting




Task 2    Put the appropriate adjectives!

  1. She feels………..with the homework. It is………..(confused /confusing)
  2. Tony worksin the a restourant as a waiter is…….He always feels………after work. (tired/tiring)
  3. The children were very ……last night after waching the…….film she (frightened/frightening)
  4. Silvi felt…….because the film was not as good as she had expected. It was………(disappointed/disappointing)
  5. I can’t study. That loud music is……,so I’m………..(annoyed/annoying)

                                                                                   Individual Assignment

Task1. Complete the sentence below  !
  1. A person who sings a song is a ……….
  2. We play the guitar by………….
  3. This vase is not made of bronze, but made of………
  4. Mia learns……..because she wants to be an actress.
  5. Every Saturday night, we can see……..puppet on TVRI.
  6. Sekaten is a……..that is held in Yogyakarta and Solo.
  7. The person give an information a TV ?............
  8. How do we play drum ?.......
  9. Mention the kind of music?..........
  10. What was, the music like?..........It’s……..

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