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The Pursuit of Happyness Review and Analysis

An Analysis of a Film

 “The Pursuit of Happyness”
By Gabriele Muccino

To Fulfill one of the tasks of Literature
Lecturer: Dr. Johanes Ananto Prayogo, M.Pd, M.Ed

Moh. Fahrudin

JUNE 2012

An Analysis of a Film
 “The Pursuit of Happyness”
By Gabriele Muccino

            The Pursuit of Happyness is a film based on the true story. It is a good film showing a struggle of life. Life is difficult and never flat, but we must hold in it. If we want to be happy, pursuit seriously.
  1. Setting
Setting of Place                      : San Francisco, United States
Setting of Time                      : 1981-1987
A Socio-cultural Setting        : A modern life in metropolitan city. Many people have modern jobs as businessmen such as stock broker, manager, taxi driver, etc. indicate that the character lives in a modern life. In addition, the use of modern health tool, a bone-density scanner machine indicates that the story took place in a modern life.
  1. Character and Characterization
Main Character                     :
Chris Gardner: He is a salesman of bone-density scanner machine.  He is a smart, tough, and hard worker. He is the main character because for all the time the film shows much about him.
Christopher: He is Chris Gardner’s son of five years old. He is also the main character as Chris Gardner. He is full of understanding to his father’s condition. He is smart and strong in term of his mental.
Supporting Character          : 
Linda: She is an employee of a laundry service. She is Gardner’s wife. She is impatient and emotional. She is hard worker and bad
temper. She is the antagonist character because she is
always in the opposite opinion to Chris Gardner.
Charlie: He is the owner of the lodging house where Chris
Gardner and his family live.
Ralph: He is the owner of the lodging house where
Gardner and his family live.
Deborah: She is another owner of a lodging house.
Driver: The taxi driver in which Chris Gardner got in. He got very angry to Chris Gardner because he avoided paying for the taxi fare by escaping from the taxi.
                        etc. (many other characters.)
                        They are the supporting character for they made the story
  1. Plot
Exposition      :The story began in 1981. There was a small family of
                        Chris Gardner, Linda, and a five year old boy,
                        Christopher, their son. Chris Gardner was a salesman of a
                        bone density scanner machine.
Complication: The problem started when Chris Gardner could not
                        afford enough money for paying taxes, for their family’s
                        daily needs, day care of their son.
Crisis              :The crisis happened when Linda, Chris Gardner’s wife
could stand living in poverty, so she left Chris Gardner, and went to New York. Then, Chris Gardner received a letter of obliging to pay taxes while he did not have enough money in the bank. In addition, Ralph, the owner of the lodging house asked Chris Gardner to pay for the rent or they had to leave the lodging house. So, Chris and Christopher spent the night in the rest room.
Falling Action:In his hopeless condition, Chris Gardner got opportunity to have training/work as a stock broker after passing the test without any salary in Dean Witter Reonolds. The best candidate would be the employee of Dean Witter. In such condition, he was expelled by
                        Deborah, the owner of the lodging house because Chris
                        Gardner could not pay for the rent. Chris Gardner and
                        Christopher stayed in Glide Memorial without any fare. At
 the same time, he maintained their life by selling the
broken bone scanner machine. In order to get money to fix
 the machine Chris Gardner sold his blood as a donor.
Resolusion:    Having finished training, Chris Gardner was informed by
the officer of Dean Witter that he was accepted as the
permanent employee. He achieved his success as a stock broker
Eventually, Chris Gardner established his own stock broker company, Gardner Rich. Success was his right. He could sell some of his own company’s stake in 2006 and he could achieve millions dollar.
  1. Point of View: First-Person Point of  View (Limited Omniscient)
  The narrator/story teller is the doer of the story.
5.                                                          Symbol          : The pursuit of Happyness symbolized the struggling of life to get job. Pursuit means run that Gardner’s life is always run and run. When he sells scanner , interviewed by Dean Witter, hold the customers, etc. While Gardner was informed that he was received as worker in Dean Witter, he also run to the street showing his happiness. There are also racism when Gardner as new Dean Witter worker was often asked to park the car, going anywhere, although Gardner has limited time. Gardner is smart and become the winner. Since in high school until he is choosen as permanent employee of Dean Witter. Gardner and his son were expelled by Deborah, the owner of lodging house, Gardner and his son stayed in toilet of Subway station symbolized hard and very difficult life, but Gardner still existed and prevented and entertained his  son as responsible father. Hippy’s girl who brings out Gardner scanner, so Gardner said, it is the poor thing I had done symbolized believe yourself don’t easy to believe others. Gardner personality symbolized good person who can managed intelligent and emotional well, so he was suitable as the winner of life.
  1. Tone               : Touching and deep compassion
7.                                                      Theme            : Family Life
8.                                                      Message          : Life is never flat, life is a struggle.
  Happiness has to achieved seriously.
  Believe yourself and be optimist.
  Responsibility is everything for a family.
  A husband and a wife must believe and support each other for the
  success of the family.
  A good wife should be always next to her husband whenever and      wherever, means in either good or bad condition.
  1. Comment        : This story is written based on the true experience.
It is very important for everyone to achieve their success by hard-working   and it is also valuable for everyone building their good
  personality and character. We have to be able to learn to be
  responsible person and well-trusted.
  The word is typed “happyness” instead of “happiness”.
   It indicates and symbolizes that the person/doer of the
  story pursues the happiness in a very hard condition that
  makes him get angry.
  1.  Summary/Synopsis
This story is taken from a true experience .The story started in 1981.
A small family of Chris Gardner with his wife, Linda and his five year old son, Christopher lived in small apartment in San Francisco. Chris was a salesman of a bone scanner machine while Linda worked for a laundry service. The problem happened when Chris could not make money as much as Linda hoped because the machines are expensive enough for doctors to buy.
            Quarrel between Chris and Linda often happened when they had much burden for daily life and for paying the apartment rent as well as taxes. Chris also had to pay the fine of his careless parking to the police. They did not have enough money to pay. In the hopeless situation, Linda could bear the poverty. She finally decided to leave Chris.
            In his hopeless hope, still he had to face the problem that Christopher and Gradner had to leave the lodging house because Chris could not pay for the rent. Yet, surprisingly, Chris met a successful stock broker. It made Chris want to be a stock broker, too.
            Chris got an opportunity to join training for Dean Witter Reynold,
a stock broker company although without any salary for six months. In the very difficult situation, again Chris was expelled from his lodging house. So, he finally decided to stay in Glide Memorial without any rent. At the same time, for the daily needs he only had to be able the only broken bone scanner machine. To repair the machine, Chris sold his blood for donor.
            Eventually, Chris was accepted as the permanent employee of Dean Witter. Having made a lot of money on stock broker, In 2001, Chris was able to establish his own stock broker company, Gardner became rich. Later on, in 2006, he was able to sell his company’s stocks and made a lot of money. He had enjoyed his success after a very long suffering.  Gardner’s struggling for mo

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