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1.       Notices

Notice adalah pemberitahuan/peringatan yang berupa tulisan/gambar/tanda untuk memberi informasi, instruksi atau peringatan kepada publik.
Soal tentang Notice merupakan pertanyaan tentang makna/maksud dari sebuah teks.Berikut adalah contoh tentang Notice.
a.       Keep the room clean
b.      No entry
c.       Beware of the dog
d.      Waiting room
e.      Switch off all electronic appliances when you don’t need them
f.        Articles are considered sold if you broke them.
g.       No children under 10 years old !
h.      Keep off the grass
i.         Use the hand dryer
j.        Keep tightly closed avoid exposure to light.
k.       Heavy traffic in Suramadu Bridge.
l.         Access for residents only.
m.    Do not operate without this cover in place.
n.      No littering
o.      Keep our world clean.
p.      Warning ! High voltage.
q.      Shopliters will be prosecuted.
r.        Keep off the reach of children.
s.       Keep silent, Exam is in progress.
t.        Out of order
u.      No cycling on the footpath.
v.       Caution ! Wet floor.
w.     For pedestrians only.
x.       Keep your distance.
y.       No late comers.
z.       Handle with care !

Task 1

    Waiting room


It means ………
a.       The place is special for you as visitors              c. this is a place for you to wait
b.      You cannot wait anyone here                             d. you should not stay here

    Articles are considered sold if you broke them

Which of the following sentence best explains the above sign ?
a.       If you break any of the articles, you should pay for it.
b.      You don’t have to buy articles that are broken
c.       In this section you will only find broken articles
d.      The shop sells special broken articles.

3.   What are people supposed to do when they see this sign?

A.  Stop their car                                                              
B.  Do not walk                                                                 
C.  Do not throw away trash
D.  Feed animal

4.   Where do you usually find the sign?
A.  In drugstore                                                                
B.  At the hospital                                                            
C.  On the beach
D.  On the street

  5. Where can you find the above text? In the …
a.         Aeroplane
b.        Car
c.         Ship
d.        bus

6. The following statements are TRUE, except
a.         There are dogs in the house
b.        People can’t enter the house freely
c.         The dogs are dangerous
d.        The house is full of dogs

2.       Greeting Cards

Greeting Card adalah kartu ucapan yang digunakan untuk memberi ucapan selamat, ucapan duka cita, ucapan simpati dan ucapan lekas sembuh.

Task 2
Pro. Joni Ponsen

Congrats !
You deserve it.
You’re really the winner
We’re proud of you

Budi and friends
1.       What is the purpose of the text ?
a. To invite someone                                                     c. To give information
b. To congratulate someone                                      d. To find information

                       2.  What makes Budi and his friends proud of ?
                                a. Joni has graduated from school                                            c. Joni has got a prize
                                b. Joni has passed the exam                                       d. Joni has won a contest or game

Hello, Farida

How are you ?
We’re waiting for your coming
Please, go home soon

Miss you so much
Toni, your beloved brother
Mum and Dad

3.What is the purpose of the text ?
a.       To greet Farida                                                          c. To give an advice
b.      To warn Farida                                                           d. To give an opinion

4. Who is Farida ?
a.       Toni’s mother                                                            c. Toni’s cousin
b.      Toni’s aunt                                                                  d. Toni’s sister

Dear Tom,
I heard that you have passed the final exam and got the highest score in English subject at your school. Congratulation! You deserve it.

Auntie Susan

5.  What is the text about?
                                      A.  Sympathy on Tom failure                                                                
      B.  Praise on Tom Success                                                      
                                      C.  Praying for Tom final exam
      D. Gift for Tom highest score achievement

               6. The following statements are true, except.......
A.  Tom got the minimum score in English
B.  Tom joined the final exam and got the highest score in English
      C.  Aunt Susan was proud of Tom achievement
      D.  Tom is capable in English subject


We only hope happiness for both of you, and keep being good parents for us.

We love you


                                7. What is the card about?
a.          Birthday                                                                               c. Carrier
b.          Marriage                                                              d. New office

8.  Who have sent the card?
a.          Mr. And Mrs. Smith’s children                    c. Mr. And Mrs. Smith’s parents
b.          Mr. And Mrs. Smith’s friends                      d. Mr. And Mrs. Smith’s neighbours

To Singapore Cable Car
With best Compliments

From National Academy of Motor Sports

9. This card tell you that …….
a. Singapore Cable Car didn’t exist for thirty years
b. Academy of Motor Sports has been built for 30 years
c.  Singapore Cable Car has already existed for thirty years
d. National Academy of Motor Sports celebrates its anniversary

10.  The text is about………….
a. message                                                               
b. greeting card                                      
c. congratulation
d. letter

Praying that you’re feeling better soon !

Your dearest friend,
11.  We send the card above for……
a. graduating student                                           
b. sick people                                                          
c. married couple                                                   
d. birthday people

3.       Short Messages

Short Message adalah pesan pendek tertulis/lisan yang dikirim atau ditinggalkan seseorang saat tidak bisa bertemu langsung dengan orang yang dimaksud dalam pesan tersebut.

Task 1

English Club Members !

There wiil be no meeting this week.
I’ll let you know when the club will meet again.


1.       What does the message mean ?
a.       This week the members of English Club have no meeting as usual
b.      Bambang will meet no members of the English Club this week again
c.       The school won’t meet members of English Club again this week
d.      The chairman of the English Club will not let his members meet again

Dear Shinta,

Please meet me in the canteen at first break.
I’ll tell you a secret.

See you,
2.       What does Rama want Shinta to do at the first break ?
a.       She discusses a problem with him    c. She has a chat with him
b.      She does her homework with him    d. She meets him in the canteen

Ardi, I use your bike. Mine is broken. Don’t worry. Everything will be alright


3.  The purpose of the text is ………..
a.      To tell Ardi that Leo uses his bike
b.      To ask Ardi to use Leo’s bike
c.       To tell Leo that Ardi uses his bike
d.      To ask for clarification about a bike

4.    The writer use Ardi’s bicycle because ………..
a.      He has lost his bike                                 c. His own bike is broken
b.      His leg is broken                                      d. He doesn’t have a bike

To           : Lab. Assistant Sutrisno                                                                From      : Dr. Karim
Date       : October 10, 2008
Mr. Trisno, don’t forget to prepare the materials and equipment for Grade IX biological experiment today at 10.00 a.m
Dr. Karim

5.    The text is ……………
a.      A letter to  Mr. Trisno                                            c. An announcement from dr. Karim
b.      A short message to Mr. Trisno                          d. A short message for dr. Karim

6.    Dr. Karim wants Mr. Sutrisno to ……………….
a.      Not forget his tasks                                               
b.      Not forget to handle an experiment.
c.       Prepare the materials and equipment for experiment.
d.      Prepare biological experiment.

7.    The biological experiment of Grade IX is hold at ……….
a.      10.00 o’clock, October 10,2008                          c. Ten-morning, October 10, 2008
b.      10.00 p.m, October 10, 2008                               d. Ten-night, October 10, 2008.

Ipung, don’t forget to come to Henry’s house. We must finish our paper assignment.
See you at 4.00 p.m


8.    What are Ipung, Henry and Adel going to do that afternoon ?
a.       They are going to study together
b.      They are going to go somewhere together
c.       Adel and Ipung are going to visit Henry.
d.      Ipung is going to go to Henry’s house alone

9.       “Ipung, don’t forget to come to Henry’s house” The underlined word has opposite meaning with …….
a.       Recall                                                                            c. Remember
b.      Finish                                                                            d. Understand

4. Invitations

Invitation merupakan undangan yang diberikan oleh seseorang kepada orang lain untuk menghadiri sebuah acara penting seperti ulang tahun, perkawinan, kelahiran anak dll.
Dalam invitation harus ditulis orang yang diundang, acara undangan, waktu ( hari, tanggal, jam ) tempat, pesan serta orang yang mengundang.

Task 1

Dear, Laila

I want you to come to my house for dinner
On Saturday, 1ST August, 2009 at 07.00 pm.


1.       When does Mandala expect Laila to come to her house ?
a.       In the morning                                                          c. In the evening
b.      In the afternoon                                                       d. At night

2.       From the invitation card above, we know that Laila is Mandala’s ……
a.       Mother                                                                         c. Grandmother
b.      Teacher                                                                        d. Close friend

Dear Putri,

Please come to my 14th birthday party on :
Date       : Saturday, 27th January 2010.
Time      : 06.00 pm
Place      : KFC Jl. Pathok Sidorejo
I really hope that you can come. There will be something missing without your presents.


3.       When was Dimas born ?
a.       In 1993                                                                          c. In 1995
b.      In 1994                                                                          d. In 1996

4.       From the text we know that the facts below are TRUE, except ….
a.       Dimas will celebrate his birthday party          
b.      Dimas is 14 years old now
c.       Dimas really hopes a present for him             
d.      Dimas invites Putri to his birthday party


When                     : 8.00 p.m E.S.T
Date                       : Tuesday, March 15
Where                    : CLICK HERE
Dress                      : Doesn’t matter
Topic                      : New Product
Come join us for an important meeting to discuss our new line of products. You don’t have to leave your office. Just click here and join us on line.
See you there

5.      What is the purpose of the text?
a.        To accept invitation.                                              c. To invite someone
b.        To decline invitation.                                             d. To reject invitation

6.      ”......join us online.......”. What does us refer to?
a.        Reader                                                                        c. Consumer
b.        Product producer                                                   d. Buyer

Let’s go to Diamond Plaza this evening. I’m sure you have free time after having the semester test. We can have dinner and do window shopping there. I’ll see you there at 5 pm.



7.          Which statement is WRONG?
a.         Dea has a lot of spare time
b.        Tania asks Dea to go to Diamond Plaza
c.         They want to buy something at Diamond Plaza
d.        They will meet at 5 pm

8.          Do Tania and Dea go to Diamond Plaza together?
a.         Yes, they don’t
b.        Yes, they do
c.         No, they don’t
d.        No, they do


I’d like to invite you to my party at my house tomorrow. My parents want to celebrate my succes in getting the best score in final exam. Come at 7 pm. We only invite some family friends. So be there and be on time.



9.          There will be ... people in the party.
a.         Many                                                                           c. much
b.        a lot of                                                                         d. a few

10..   ”……...I’d like to invite you to ……….” The word ”you” refer to ...
a.         Toni                                                                              c. My parent
b.        House                                                                          d. Tom

5.       Announcements

Announcements adalah pengumuman/pemberitahuan resmi tentang sesuatu supaya diketahui orang banyak. Pengumuman bisa ditulis , lalu ditempelkan di papan yang mudah dilihat orang atau diumumkan secara lisan.
Task 1

Students Writing Contest

THE ATLANTIC MONTLY invites submission of poetry, ficyion, and personal or journalistic essays for this year’s Student writing Contest.
CATEGORIE : Poetry, fiction, and personal or journalistic essays.
MANUSCRIPTS : should be typewritten (one side only, please) double-spaced, and accompanied by acover sheet with the following information : tittle, category, word count, author’s name, address, phone number, e-mail address (if available), and academic institution. Of this information, only the title should appear on the manuscript itself.

Student Writing Contest
The atlantic Monthly
88 Los Angeles USA 02114

1.       What is the purpose of the text?
a.       To describe the student writing contest
b.      To announce the student writing contest
c.       To amuse the students with writing contest
d.      To retell the students about writing contest

2.       The following are required for the works that the participants should prepare, except that they are ………………..
a.       Original                                                                         c. Easy to read
b.      Unpublished                                                              d. Typewriten

ATTENTION, Shoppers. May we have your attention, please ?

We have found a lost boy named John. We found him in the toys and accessories section of your store, and he’s looking for his parents. He is about six years old. He’s wearing red shirt, trousers, and a red cap. The boy is with us at the check-out counter at the main exit.


3.       What is the purpose of the text?
a.      To announce that there is a lost-boy in the market.
b.      To announce that there is a boy found.
c.       To ask for John to look for his parents.
d.      To ask for the boy sitting on the check-out counter at the main exit.

4.       Where can the parents get their lost boy?
a.      In the toys and accessories section.                                c. At the main enter
b.      In the store.                                                              d. At the check-out counter.
To all the readers of Hello Magazine
We would like to inform you that starting from this edition, all enquires, subscription fees, and letters concerning the Hello magazine should be addressed to : Hello Magazine Jl. Merdeka no. 499 Bogor 66166

5.    When you want to subscribe this magazine, where should you post the subscription from ?
a.      To the old address                                  c. To the new address
b.      To the similar address                           d. To the other address

6.    When does the announcement start ?
a.      It stars from that edition                      c. It stars from previous edition
b.      It stars from next edition                     d. It stars from next two edition.
7.    The following statements are about the announcement above except
a.      Hello magazine has a new address  c. Hello magazine has readers
b.      Hello magazine published in Bogor  d. Hello magazine stars to be publishe


Starting January 25th   For one month only at DIPONEGORO Stadium 24 Diponegoro St. Semarang
You will be entertained by many performances : Trapeze Artist, Horse Back Riders, Tightrope Walkers, Wild Lion Tamers, Clowns, Dancing Dogs.
Daily Shows : 1 pm – 3 pm, 4 pm – 6 pm, 7 pm – 9 pm.
Tickets are available at the circus and other official tickets officers

8.    Can we see animal performance in the circus?
a.         Yes, we do                                                                 c. No, we don’t
b.        Yes, we can                                                               d. No, we can’t

9.    When will the circus leave the town?
a.         December 25th                                                        c. February 25th
b.        January 25th                                                             d. March 25th

This Friday, April 25, is the registration deadline for the next semester.
Complete your registration in the administrative office on the first floor between the hours of 8.30 am, and 14.00 pm. Payment must be made at the time of registration, so bring your credit card, a money order or cash with you. Personal checks will not accepted. No late exceptions. Classes begin Monday, May 25


10.  Why is April 25th , important?
a. It is the last day the Administrative Office will be open
b. It is the last day the register for next semester classes
c. It is the first day of next semester
d. It is the day all class work must be submitted to the professor

11. The students can pay with all these , except………
a. credit card                                                                   c. personal check            
b. cash money                                                                                d. money order

6.    Labels
Labels adalah keterangan yang terdapat di bagian luar kemasan sebuah produk/barang.Di label produk biasanya terdapat kalimat yang menunjukknan keunggulan produk, petunjuk penggunaan, komposisi produk serta indikasi.

Task 1

VISTO,Sterile Eye Drops
INDICATIONS : Work effectively to relieve the redness of eye or itch due to minor irritation that is caused of dust, smoke, after swimming, and so on.
DIRECTIONS FOR USE : Drops 1-2 drops for each eye 2-3 times a day or based on doctor’s advice or receipt.
DIRECTIONS FOR STORAGE : Stores in the dry places under 30” C temperature. Close the container and keep from pollution.

1.                 When can we use Visto?
a.      Our eyes are healthy                                             c. Our eyes are redness
b.      Our eyes get mayor irritation                             d. Our eyes are in bad irritation.

2.                 How does Visto as eye drops?
a.      Sterile                                                                          c. Fruitful
b.      Septic                                                                           d. Cleansing

Aromaterapy With natural Oils

Dellia Aromatherapy, is the latest innovation from Dellia Air Freshener that gives relaxation effect.
Direction : Shake well before spraying
Caution : Avoid from eye contact, Keep away from children. Danger ! Pressurized content, may explode at temperature of above 50 derajat Celcius. Keep in coll and dry place. Do not puncture and expose to open flame or incinerate.

3.                The following are what we should avoid while using the thing, except …………..
a.       Puncture it                                                                  c. Do eye contact
b.      Expose to open flame or incinerate                                 d. Keep it cool and dry

Acidic rinsing agent for neutralising alkaline floor
polish stripper before applying new emulsion polish. Prevents reaction and powdering of new polish. Orange liquid. Dilution 1 to 20 pH 4
Case Qty. 4 x 5L
Unit 5L Code C255-05


4.                What is the text about?
a.        Body wash
b.        Floor rinsing agent
c.         Facial wash agent
d.        Hair washing product

5.                When can we use this product?
a.        When the floor is dirty
b.        When we want to add paints on our floor
c.         When we want to sweep the dirty floor
d.        When we want to remove old polish from the floor


Caution                                :   Dispending without Prescription prohibited                                        Ingredients           :   Each ml contain active Betaxolol 500mg
 Dosage                                :   1 drop in the eye(s) twice a day                                       

                       PRESERVATIVE FREE


6.                Where can you find the above text?
a.         drugstore
b.        stationary
c.         bank
d.        railway station

7.                What form of medication is it?
a.         injection
b.        liquid
c.         pills
d.        capsule

7.       Advertisements

Advertisement adalah iklan pemberitahuan yang bertujuan untuk mendorong, membujuk khalayak ramai untuk membeli atau menggunakan barang atau jasa yang ditawarkan. Iklan biasaya dipasang di media massa seperti media cetak/elektronik atau ditempat umum seperti baliho, billboard dan pamflet.

a.       Iklan Produk (barang/jasa)

Kamala and Ravi are going to Singapore for a holiday. They will join a tour conducted by Singa Tours Company. They have been given a programme for their tour.
Read the programme below carefully.

Task 1


Saturday      : Leave Seremban at 10.00 a.m buy bus
                      Arrive in Singapore at 03.00 p.m
                      Stay at the Central Circus Hotel
Sunday        : Visit the Science Center, Jurong Bird Park
                      Enjoy a cool evening walk by the lake in Chinese Garden
Monday       : Visit Haw Par Villa, Trade Centre and Sentosa Island
                      Cable Car Ride to sentosa Island
Tuesday       : Visit Orchard Road, Chinatown, Little India and Changi Alley for Shopping
Wednesday :  Leave Singapore at 10.00 a.m by bus
                      Arrive at Seremban at 03.00 p.m

1.       What does the passage mostly tell us about ?
a.       Singapore city tour                                          c. Planning for a holiday in Singapore
b.      Tourist resorts in Singapore                         d. One-day trip to Singapore

2.       Where may Kamala and Ravi do their shopping ?
a.       Chinese Garden                                               c. Haw Par Villa
b.      Changi Alley                                                       d. Central Circus

3.       How long does it take from Seremban to Singapore ?
a.       Three hours                                                       c. Seven hours
b.      Five hours                                                           d. Ten hours

4.       They will join a tour conducted by …..  The underlined word means ……..
a.       Organized                                                           c. Programmed
b.      Designed                                                             d. Accompanied


Brand new luxury 1 and 2 bdrooms apartements. At Heatherdowns and Green Street. Convenient to Southgate Centre. Close to bus route 22.
Rentals from $250 include the following utilities : heat, air, shag carpet, appliances, dishwasher patio, laundry, room, pool, 1-year lease and security deposit.
One-preschoool-aged child considered in 2 bedroom.
Absolutely no pets.
Model open weekdays 1-6, Sun. 1-5 or by appointment 241-7721. Managed by Sands Corporation,
An equal housing opportunity.

5.       Which of the following statements is TRUE based on the text?
a.       Only one bedroom apartements are available some utilities
b.      There is no lease required
c.       The bus route is far away
d.      The rent include

6.       Which of the following families would be able to rent an apartement according to the advertisement?
a.       A woman and her twelve-year-old child.
b.      A husband, wife and their preschool child.
c.       A man with a small cat.
d.      A husband, wife and two small pets.

7.       Rentals from $ 250 include heat, air, shag carpet, appliances ……
a.   Requirements                                                    c. Devices
b.   Improvements                                                   d. Apartments

Now with MOBILY, enjoy 50% discount on all your calls including international calls…   starting from the first second.
Today’s fast paced life means every second counts, MOBILY offers 50% discount on all your local* and international calls, starting from the very first second. Enjoy uninterrupted calls at the lowest calling rates.
Only with MOBILY
Offer valid from January to March *local calls within MOBILY network only


8.       The above text is a ...
a.     advertisement
b.     announcement
c.      caution
d.     invitation

9.   MOBILY is a ...
a.     electricity company
b.     vehicles company
c.      newspaper company
d.     communication company

10.   For how long does MOBILY offer discount to its customer?
a.     a month                                                               c. three months
b.     two months                                                       d. four months
11.  When do MOBILY customers get discount?
a.     when they make international calls
b.     when they call another network
c.      when they decide to use MOBILY
d.     when they call another MOBILY customer in April

12.  “at the lowest calling rates …” The synonim of the underlined word is …
a.     connection                                                         c. signal
b.     price                                                                      d. available

b. Iklan Lowongan Pekerjaan.


Native speaker Eng. Teacher. Required Exp/C TEFL prefered
Ph Louis 8566787, 8.00 a.m-8.00 p.m Monday to Saturday

1.       The advertisement is about ………
a.       TEFL Programm                                                 c. The workday of an English course
b.      Native English speaker                 d. The necessity of a native English teachers

2.       Which qualification must the teacher candidate have ?
a.       Explicit                                                  c. Expressive
b.      Expire                                                   d. Experienced

We are looking for advertising executive ( part time or full time )

If you think that you could fulfill the qualification, do e-mail me your resume
( include of most recent photo, time available to start, time availabe to meet ) to alex@hotmail com. Only shortlisted candidate will be informed for the interview. If you are serious, pese do so.
Requirement :
  1. Self-motivated and target-oriented
  2. Preferable college or university student
  3. Flexible time
  4. Must be a good team player
  5. Training will be provided
  6. Hardworking
Remarks income will be based on total sales achieved.
Log on to w.w.w.bidnetalliance.com or e-mail alek@hotmail.com

3.       What position is needed ?
a.       Marketing executive                      c. Marketing manager
b.      Advertising executive                    d. Advertising manager

4.       The following are the requirements needed, except …………..
a.       Target-oriented                                               
b.      Hardworking
c.                                                                                                                                          Good in team work                       
d.                                                                                                                                         Preferable senior high school student

8. Letters

Letter ( surat ) adalah pesan tertulis dengan berbagai isi dan maksud yang dikirim kepada seseorang. Surat biasanya dimasukkan kedalam amplop dan bubuhi perangko sebelum dikirim.

a.       Surat Pribadi

Bandung, 25th August 2009

Dear Hanum,

Hi, how are things with you ? Hope everything is okay.
I’m writing to share something with you. Hope you don’t mind reading it. Thing have change  a lot around here. My father was fired from his office. You might not believe it, but it is true. His company went bankrupt and closed. From now on, we have to live carefully. My father has to sell our property before he can find a new job. Unfortunately, he cannot get one up untill now.
Hanum, something that makes me feel worse is my friends. They used to come and play with me. They used to ride my bike, play my CDs, even use my handphone. But now, when my family becomes poor, no one comes to me. They may have forgotten me. I think you are the only friend I have now.
I do hope we can meet soon. I really need to meet you.


Task 1

Dear Aunt Tia

Aunty, I have some good news for you. Last month I passed my final examination. A week ago I succeeded to join a senior high school competition. Last night my parents promised me to send me to a famous English course in my town. They also promised me if my scores in English are good, they’ll send me to a foreign university. Great, isn’t it ? I’ll work hard. I want to be a good pediatrician like you, Aunty.
Well, that’s all for now. Looking forward to having your news.



1.       What is the purpose of the text ?
a.       To inform some good news                         c. To retell the writer’s experience
b.      To describe the writer’s school                 d. To entertain the reader with a joke

2.       What did Deby’s parents promise her ?
a.       To make her pediatrician                              c. To send her to a senior high school
b.      To send her to an English course               d. To make her pass the final examination

3.       How does Deby feel ?
a.       Glad                                                                       c. Scared
b.      Anxious                                                                               d. Thoughful

23 Jl. Kartini Surabaya
4th March 2009

Dear Aunt Dewi,
How clever of you to send me blue beads !. I was planning to wear a blue sweater and a plaid skirt to the morning bazaar next Sunday, and the beads will match perfectly.
Our bazaar is going to be bigger than ever this year. We are having exhibits of arts and crafts, books, food and flower arrangements. In the bazaar there will be folk dances and games. You should be there.
Thank you again for your thoughtful gift.

Your loving niece,


4.       What did Aunt Dewi give to Nita ?
a.       Blue beads                                                          c. A nice sweater
b.      A plaid skirt                                                         d. A big book

5.       Nita wanted aunt Dewi to go to the bazaar because ……..
a.       Her Aunt promised to go there to run the bazzar
b.      She wanted Aunt Dewi to watch the folk dances and games
c.       She thought her aunt would not be busy then
d.      Their flower arrangements would be exhibitd there.

6.       Which of the statement is NOT TRUE about Nita ?
a.       She lived at Jl. Kartini 23, Surabaya
b.      She wrote her letter on 4th March 2009
c.       She was  Ms. Dewi’s loving younger sister
d.      She liked the gift that Ms. Dewi gave.

b. Surat Resmi

MTs Negeri Ponggok
Pancirejo Sidorejo Ponggok Blitar
10th October 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Candra
Jl. Kalicilik 12 Candirejo

Dear Sir and Madam,
We are pleased to inform you that your daughter, Liza, has been successfully completed the second year of junior high school. To end this challenging academic year, we have made a plan to hold a special event featuring musical drama involving your daughter.
We request the honour of your company in this event to witness the great accomlishment throughout the year.
We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Harun

Task 1

Dear Galang,
I’m writing from our hotel at Pasir Putih Beach. I’m on vacation with my family. To tell the truth, we’re having a terrible moment.The weather isn’t very good. In fact, it’s full of thunder outside. Right now I’m looking out the window, and it’s very frightening. Food is another problem. The restaurants are many, but the food Isn’t very good. In fact, my Mom is sick right now. She got flu. Well Galang, I hope your vacation will be great. Tell me about it when the holiday is over.



1.       Why did Nia experience a terrible moment on her vacation?
a.          Because she was alone
b.         Because there were limited restaurants
c.          Because the weather is bad and the food is not good
d.         Because she missed Galang

2.       The followings are Nia’s moment on her vacation, except.....
a.       She got wonderful moment                        c. Her vacation is horrifying
b.      She got awful moment                                                  d. Her vacation is terrifying

Thursday, February 15th,2009
Dear Jamal,

It’s nice to have your letter. I’m glad that your father has bought a new car. What colour is it? You wrote that he drives you to school everyday. Therefore, you don’t need to take city bus. We have a car too. It’s colour is silver.
I don’t go to school by car. Here, students go to school by subway. Therefore, subway stations are very crowded in the morning.
Do you know what a subway is? The subway has underground trains that travel around the city. We use subway as you use city buses. The buses travel on city streets, but subway travels in tunnels underneath the streets. They are powered by electricity.
How is your school going? Your English has improved a lot. I’m very happy to have you as friend. It’s very nice to write to you. However, it’s twelve o’clock. I have to go to bed. I will write again soon.
Send my warm regards to your parents and your sister, Jameela.

Best wishes,



3.       From the above letter, we know that ...
a.     Jamal and Josh live in the same city
b.     Jamal’s car is silver
c.      Jamal is Josh’s pen pal
d.     Jameela is Josh’s sister

4.       At the first paragraph, Josh are discussing about ...
a.     car
b.     city bus
c.      subway
d.     bus

5.       How does Jamal go to school?
a.     by car
b.     by city bus
c.      by subway
d.     on foot

6.       When does Josh write the letter?
a.     in the morning
b.     at noon
c.      in the evening
d.     at night

7.       Why does Josh feel happy to write to Jamal? Because they can ...
a.     go to school together
b.     take subway to city
c.      exchange information
d.     travel in tunnels

Dear Ms. Fiona,
I came to Indonesia from Australia. In my country we consider that our time is so valuable, so we try to be punctual when making an appointment.
                However, it is not for some Indonesia people. When I make appointment with Indonesian friends, they often come late. What I’m annoyed with is that sometimes they don’t apologize for being late. How can this thing happen so many times? What should I tell my friends?
                                                                                                                No name

8.       Who writes the letter?
a. no name
b. an Australian student
c. an Indonesian student
d. Ms. Fiona

9.       What problem is/are stated in the letter?
a. a friend who brakes the rule
b. friends who often come late
c. making an appointment
d. a student from Australia

10.   How is the writer feeling?
a. He/she feels sad
b. He/she gets angry
c. He/she is happy
d. He/she feels disappointed

11.   What do you think Ms. Fiona is?
a. She is a headmistress
b. She is a physiciather
c. She is an English teacher
d. She is a counseling teacher

Jl. Delangu  40, Jogjakarta
May 15, 2008

HRD Manager
PT Wijaya Kusuma
Jl. Luqman Hakim No. 40 Bogor

Dear Sir or Madam,
        I am writing to apply for the job as an English textbook editor, which you advertised recently in the newspaper.
        I am 24 years old. I graduated from English Department of STIBA in Malang. I also took a computer course, especially MS Office Program and joined a writing training held by Forum Lingkar Pena Indonesia.
        Since graduating from college, I have had experience of being a freelance editor in Malang. At the moment I am working as an English textbook editor in Kawi Publisher Malang. I have been working there for two years. I am interested in working as an editor in your Company. I enjoy publishing work and now I would like to get more experience.
        I also enclose my recent photograph and my complete curriculum vitae. I would be happy to send any further details you may require.
        Thank you very much for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully,

Kamila Sabrina


12. What kind of letter is it?
a.  A business letter.
b. A letter of information.
c.  An application letter.
d. A letter of complaint.
13. According to the letter, we know that Kamila’s personal goal to apply for the job is that
a.  she enjoys publishing work and she wants to broaden herexperience
b. she is bored with her former work place
c.  she wants to live in Bogor.
d. she wants to work at a big publishing company

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