Minggu, 29 April 2012

thesis seminar PPS UM

It is a special day for graduate student (S2) PPS UM to administer a thesis proposal seminar. I myself held the seminar at Sunday, 29 April 2012 in H2 102 at 11.20-12.30 am. The title is Improving the writing ability of eight graders of MTs Satu Atap Umbuldamar through Jigsaw Technique. My main advisor Dr. Mirjam Anugerahwati, MA and Dr. Arwijati Murdibjono, M.Pd, Dip.TESL. At that time, Dr. Mirry accompany my seminar. I am happy because she gives me ideas, suggestions, comments to improve my proposal. Thanks a lot. Mr. Sukardi and Mrs. Arina as moderator and note taker of the seminar help me so we cun run the seminar well. Also Mrs. Ratna has supported me to hold the seminar, she motivates me seriously. Also all of my classmates have support me. Thanks a lot, too. To my beloved wife Retno Dewi Indrawati and my real heart jewelry Afifah, Fatih, Aisah and Fahmi thanks dears for your support and praying, so I can administer the seminar well. Surely, thanks a lot to ALLAH SWT. I hope I can conduct the research soon and finish it this semester. Ya Allah please listen my praying and blessing me all  

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  1. Good job. Unfortunately I could not attend your seminar. I was just trying to be a good hubby and dad in my family. Goodluck anyway...